Curriculum Vitae

Arnoud Boot

Date of birth: January 2, 1960
Nationality: Dutch

Current Positions

- Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, University of Amsterdam
- Chairman European Finance Association (EFA)
- Chairman Sustainable Finance Lab (SFL)
- Council Member of the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR)
- Chairman Scientific Council, Bruegel, Brussels
- Board Member Domain Humanities, The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts Sciences (KNAW)
- Member FER (Financial Economists Roundtable), Los Angeles
- Chairman Research Advisory Council, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE, Frankfurt
- Member Council European Banking Center (EBC), Tilburg University
- Member Board SEO (Stichting Economisch Onderzoek), Amsterdam
- Member Advisory Council Foundation Gak (Instituut Gak)
- Founder and Director Amsterdam Center for Corporate Finance (ACCF)
- Member Social Scientific Council of The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences(KNAW)
- Advisor, Optiver Holding, Amsterdam
- Member (non-executive) board, CAREDATE, Amersfoort


Previous positions

- Chairman and member of the Bank Council (Bankraad) of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), Amsterdam, 2006-2019
- Founder and Director Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics, University of Amsterdam, 2004-2018
- Member Academic Council, Amsterdam Institute of Finance (AIF), 2008-2018
- Member Capital Market Committee AFM (Dutch securities market regulator), 2006-2018    
Member Advisory Council NIBC Bank, The Hague, 2007-2018

- Non-executive director Reinsurance Group America (RGA Inc.) USA, 2009-2020
Non-executive director Optiver Holding, Amsterdam, 2004-2018
Member of the Inaugural Advisory Scientific Committee of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), 2011-2015
Chairman Royal Netherlands Economic Association (KVS), 2006-2014   
- President Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS), 2012-2014

- Crown Member (Kroonlid) Dutch Social Economic Council, Kroonlid Sociaaleconomische Raad (SER), 2004-2014
- Non-Executive Director Waarborgfonds voor de Sociale Woningbouw (WSW), 2001-2013
- Member Research Council, Bankque de France, France 2008-2013
- Advisor Central Bank of Sweden, Riksbank, 1999-2009 
- President European Finance Association, 2008
- Finance coordinator and Professor at European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Brussels, 1999-2002 
- Partner corporate finance practice McKinsey & Co,  2000-2001 
- Vice Dean Faculty of Economics and Econometrics, University of Amsterdam,  1998-2000   
- Director Tinbergen Institute, 1994-1998    
- Bertil Danielsson Visiting Professor, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden, 1993-1995    
- Fellow, Banking Research Center, Northwestern University, 1989-1992, Tenure-track faculty,
  Department of Finance, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, 1989-1992   
- Corporate Banking Associate, Algemene Bank Nederland N.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Areas of Concentration
  International Lending and Risk Management, 1987-1989 

Consultancy experience

- Several consultancy projects for industrial and financial institutions, and (semi-)governments, particularly on
  riskmanagement, (financial)restructuring, pricing/cost of capital, ownership, anti-trust and strategic issues.    
- Several (ad hoc) advisorships    
- Applied research with focus on a variety of issues in corporate finance and banking, including corporate funding issues,
  regulation, corporate governance, efficiency of financial markets, strategic positioning of financial institutions, design of
  bankruptcy law, etc. 

Teaching, seminars and presentation

Courses and seminars/presentations for various organizations (companies, conferences and universities). I taught at J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Northwestern University), University of Amsterdam, Kelley School of Business (Indiana University), Stockholm School of Economics, Moscow Summer School in Economics, Sorbonne (Paris), Université de Lausanne, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and at the AIF (Amsterdam Institute of Finance). Specializations:

-    Corporate Finance
-    Bank Management and Strategy
-    Regulation of Financial Markets
-    Asset-Liability Management, Credit-Risk Analysis

Academic publications

In the last 15 years over 200 publications, including several publications in The Journal of Finance, The American Economic Review, The Review of Financial Studies and The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.


- Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Stability, 2010 –
Advisory Editor, Review of Finance, 2009 –
Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2001- 
- Member International Editorial Board, Economic and Business Review, Ljubljana, 1998 –
Associate Editor, Journal of Corporate Finance, 1993 –2012
Associate Editor, European Financial Management, 1997 –2009
Associate Editor, Multinational Finance Journal, 1997 – 2008
Associate Editor, Journal of Empirical Finance, 1996-2000
Associate Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance, 1993-2000
Member Editorial Board, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, 2001 –2010
Member Editorial Advisory Committee, Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB), 1995-2002
Member Editorial Board, Tijdschrift voor Corporate Finance, 1996-2000
Editor, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 1992-2000


- Honorary Member of the Royal Netherlands Economic Association (KVS), 2014
- Winner ICLON Economie Onderwijsprijs, 2014
- Winner Pierson Penning, 2011
- Member of the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), since 2008
- Fellow, Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London, UK
- Fellow, Davidson Institute, University of Michigan, US
- Fellow Tinbergen Institute  
- Honorary Visiting Professor University of Ljubljana
- Various toprankings on national hitlists of economists
- Various teaching awards: ASRE Kohnstamm Award, between 2002 and 2016
- Limperg medal, 1998
- Olin Fellowship, Cornell University, 1994 and 1997
- Banking Research Center, grant, in 1990, 1991 and 1992
- Garn Institute of Finance, University of Utah, grant, 1990
- Fullbright, 1984