Working papers

Collusion with Public and Private Ownership and Innovation (with V.N. Vladimirov), University of Amsterdam, 19 February 2019.
Competition and Entry in Banking: Implications for Capital Regulation, (with M. Marinc), 2008.
The Competitive Challenge in Banking, (with A. Schmeits), 2005.
Towards a New Theory of Corporate Governance Objectivity versus Proximity, (with J.R. Macey and A. Schmeits), 2004.
Economic Value of Autonomy, (with A.V. Thakor), 2003.
Evolution of Organizational Scale and Scope, (with T.T. Milbourn and A.V. Thakor), in Tinbergen Institute paper series (discussion paper). 060/2, (2002) (previous title: "Expansion of Banking Scale and Scope: Don’t Banks Know the Value of Focus?").